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Zoning Officer: 

Shawn Jacobs

Office: 412-766-7453

Fax: 412-766-5930


Zoning Hearing Board

Bellevue Borough joined with Avalon and Ben Avon and adopted the Tri Borough Zoning Ordinance in 2009. Since 2009 there have been amendments to the Zoning Ordinance including:


Zoning Permits:

No building, structure or lot shall be constructed or improved or used for any purpose or in any manner other than the one (1) or more of the principal permitted uses, conditional uses or uses by special exception granted by right to the Zoning District in which such building, structure or lot is located.    

When looking to make alterations to or change the use of a property, a Zoning Permit Application must be filled out.  The zoning officer shall review the application to ensure the proposed project complies with all zoning regulations.  For a copy of the Zoning Permit Application Click here

Zoning Appeals:

If a request is denied by the zoning officer, the applicant may be able to appeal the decision.  All zoning appeals are heard by the Bellevue Zoning Hearing Board.  For a copy of the Zoning Variance Request Form Click here.  Once completed, the Zoning Variance Request Form should be submitted to the zoning officer.

Special Exceptions/Conditional Uses:

Sometimes a proposed use is considered a special exception or a conditional use.  If the proposed use is not permitted but considered either a special exception or a conditional use, one of these applications must be submitted to the zoning officer for consideration.


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