Taxes and Payments

Keystone Collections Group collects Earned Income Taxes and Local Service Taxes for Bellevue Borough.

Visit their website at

or call Taxpayer Services at 866-539-1100

with any questions.

Keystone Collections Group
Keystone Collections
Earned Income Tax
Local Service Tax
Political Subdivision Code
PSD Code 710902

Bellevue Borough real estate taxes are collected by our elected tax collector Joseph Nolan.  Please contact Mr. Nolan for matters related to Borough real estate taxes.

Wednesdays Only 9-5


401 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue, PA 15202 / (412) 766-1885

or email

Current Year Real Estate Tax
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Jordan Tax Service collects sewage payments, trash collection payments, and delinquent real estate taxes.  

Jordan Tax also collects Business Privilege and Mercantile Taxes.  

Visit their website at

or call (412) 835-5243 with any questions.

Jordan Tax Service
Sewage Billing
Trash Collection Billing
Delinquent Real Estate Taxes
Business Taxes