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Call 1-800-866-4460 to report service issues or complete the information below.
Mention you are part of the Bellevue, Pennsylvania Municipal Service Account.
Residential Recycling is to be placed in open containers clearly marked "Recycling."
We no longer issue recycle bins.
Please report any collection issues here. Be sure to include your service address.

Learn more about single stream recycling.

Never place plastic bags or film in mixed recycle can.


Dear Resident:

Waste Management is excited to continue trash and

recycling services in your community in 2019. We will

continue to provide weekly trash service along with

every other week automated single-stream recycling

collection services. Recycling benefits your community

as it not only conserves natural resources, but it also

helps reduce the amount of materials sent to the

landfill. Plus, with single-stream recycling, all your

recyclables can now go into one container – no more

sorting of materials.

We look forward to helping your community

be as clean – and green - as possible throughout 2018 and beyond.

Collection Times

Your collection day will not change in 2018. All items must be placed at the curb no later than 6 a.m. on the day of collection. After collection, any carts used for trash or recycling should be removed no later than the evening of your collection day.

Missed Collections and Additional Information

Despite our best efforts, we occasionally miss scheduled collections. If we do, please call us

at (800) 866-4460 and mention if you are part of Bellevue Municipal Account as soon as you can. Our representatives will work with you to ensure that your materials get picked up. You can also visit us at for live chat and email options.

Inclement Weather

Severe winter weather can be a challenge to our daily operations. At times, we find

ourselves juggling to keep the safety of our employees at the forefront, while continuing to provide our customers with the timely service you deserve.

Every decision that we make is for the safety of the community, its residents and our employees. During periods of heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures, we must make the tough decision to suspend operations until conditions improve for us to recover.

During periods of inclement weather, our team will be providing customers with real time service alert updates at we recommend book marking this site for easy accessibility. When possible, we may also notify you by phone or email if your collection route is cancelled or will be delayed.

Success! Message received.

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