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History of Bellevue

The Town of Bellevue was first incorporated in 1867 when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted a tract of land called Sidney Bottom to Hugh H. Brackenridge of Pittsburgh and an adjoining tract, called Sandy Bottom to James Robinson of Allegheny Town.  The combined area of Sidney Bottom and Sandy Bottom totaled 640 acres and sits in what is now the eastern part of Bellevue.   Interestingly this area was originally known as the “Depreciation Lands” because after the Revolution, parts of this land were offered to the soldiers who had come home from the war bankrupt and weary.

Today Bellevue is 1.1 square miles in size and home to approximately 8,300 residents.  Bellevue is also one of the few areas in Pittsburgh which still boasts an old-fashioned business district right in the heart of town featuring park and recreational sites, shops, restaurants, banks, specialty stores, churches and schools.

Our community is also one of the few remaining towns in the area that features a vibrant walking community as the majority of the stores as well as the Bayne Library and Park are within easy walking distance of many of the homes and apartments in the community.  

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