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Commercial, Municipal, & Institutional Recycling

The Borough of Bellevue commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments are mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Borough to recycle the following items:



Office Paper

Yard Waste

Each multi-family housing, business or commercial building must establish their own program to comply with these requirements. It is essential that every involved party is knowledgeable about the program for it to be successful.  Be sure to educate your tenants/residents/occupants and building maintenance workers of the recycling program.

Each commercial, industrial, municipal or institutional establishment must submit an annual written report to the Borough by January 10th of each year with the details of the prior year's recycling program.

Mail to:

Director of Administrative Services

Borough of Bellevue

537 Bayne Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15202

Include the following:

Who is the hauler?

What material and how much of each was recycled?  (i.e. How much Aluminum?  How much Cardboard?  How much Office Paper?  How much Yard Waste?)

Where was it disposed?

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that a program is in place and all parties are properly educated in recycling. Please discuss your recycling program with all involved to assure that the necessary actions are being taken.

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